Trike or Can Am Spyder?

Sep 29, 2015


Should I Trike my motorcycle or buy a Can-Am Spyder?  This question comes up a lot of times from customers in our dealership so I wanted to touch upon the differences.


For some, riding your motorcycle for many years is just simply in your blood.  You don't want to give it up even if your knees are bothering you and it's getting harder to stabilize your bike during a stop.  Adding a tow pack or going the full route of triking the bike are good options.


You can make your motorcycle much more stable, no more putting your feet down when you stop, relax knowing you don't have to balance and you have a nice passenger area that feels safer.


But let me explain why the Can Am Spyder might just be right for you.


Can Am F3 Limited


The Spyder has been built from the ground up to be a 3-wheeled vehicle.  It incorporates Steering Stability, Traction Control & Anti-Lock Brakes in each vehicle.  The Can Am Spyder has smart technology that performs very well during turns and when hitting the corners on those nice winding roads. Take a turn too sharp and the Rotax engine will slow down, a brake or brakes will apply and the system will do everything it can to keep you safely on the road.


You have flexibility when something unexpectedly jumps out in front of you on the road.  Because the two wheels are up front it is much easier to maneuver around obstacles without dumping the bike.  Nothing is foolproof but the Can Am Spyder was designed with safety in mind.


The Can-Am Spyder comes with a geared reverse, weighing in at around 1,000 lbs. you won't have any problem moving your bike to where you want it to go.  It's simple and easy to use with a lockout button to keep you from accidentally hitting reverse when shifting.


The semi-automatic transmission shifts so easy and is so fun to drive it's like driving a race car but with the feel of a motorcycle and the open road.


All Spyder models come standard with Dynamic Power Steering which controls the sensitivity of the steering in relation to the speed.  The faster you go the stiffer the feel, when you slow down for turns it becomes very user friendly as it softens up for easy steering.


Some motorcycle riders are out for the look, for the style or maybe the sound but I have to say I am out for the experience.  Riding a Spyder allows you to enjoy what's around you without the worry of laying down your bike.  When you come to a stop you can rest and taking off can be an exhilarating experience without all the worry.  Get in a patch of rain and you still have excellent control as long as you use common sense.  The Spyder allows you an extended experience that I just don't think you can get from a Trike or 2-wheeled cycle.


Before you make your decision to add two wheels to your current motorcycle, come in and take a test drive on one of our Can-Am Spyders here at Lithgow Motorsports.  I think your decision will be much easier and the ride will reveal some exciting features that you didn't realize before!

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