Getting Your Can-Am Spyder License in Illinois

Sep 26, 2015


You want to ride a Can-Am Spyder but what kind of license do you need?


There are different licenses needed in different states.  Some states you only need a Class D drivers license and some you need a full Class M motorcycle license.


In Illinois you have a choice.  You can get a full Class M motorcycle license using a two wheeled motorcycle over 150cc or you can use the Can-Am Spyder to take your test on. 


If you use the Spyder to take your test you will get a restriction called J11 which only allows you to drive 3-wheeled motorcycles such as the Can-Am Spyder. 


Either way you have to take the written Motorcycle test.  You will be given a permit to be able to ride the Spyder with other motorcycle riders.  You must ride with others while having the permit.  Once you take the driving test you can then venture out on your own at anytime.


Can Am Spyder


So if you are thinking about taking a test drive on a new Can-Am Spyder, go to the DMV and take the written Motorcycle test and make sure you have your permit in hand when you come into the dealership otherwise you will only be able to take a ride around the parking lot.


By having your Motorcycle permit we will take you on a 5 mile ride here at Lithgow Motorsports so you can experience the safety and handling of the Spyder because The Ride Says it All!


For more information on obtaining your Can Am Spyder license or if you live in another state, go here to Can Ams Website




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